Math 9 – Feb 12: Review

Chapter 1 test is tomorrow! Make sure your workbook is complete and ready to hand in before the test.

Topics to review:

  • define: Natural, Whole, Integer, Rational Numbers
  • add, subtract, multiply, divide integers (positive and negative)
  • add, subtract, multiply, divide rational numbers (fractions)
  • convert between decimals and fractions
  • convert between mixed and improper fractions
  • reduce fractions to lowest terms

Need help with any of these topics? Look at posts from past classes to find helpful videos or try searching Khan Academy on youtube

Feb 3: operations-with-integers

Feb 4: operations-with-integers

Feb 5: rational-numbers-pt-1

Feb 6: rational-numbers-pt-2

Feb 7: multiplying-fractions

Feb 11: dividing-fractions



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