Useful Websites

Khan Academy (youtube)

Purple Math

Math Planet

Math Portal

Yay Math

That Tutor Guy (math)

Patrick JMT (math)

Chem Tutor

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Why is there no useful website for science 9? I’m in the wrong place?
    What is this text book we should purchase?

    • Mrs. Dildy says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      The links posted under the useful websites tab are general support for science and math courses. There is a science 9 textbook aligned with the new curriculum, but purchasing a class set is not in the budget of the school at this time. We do have workbooks for sale, however in the absence of the textbook I do not find them particularly useful. I do photocopy relevant pages for students as needed.

      I make an effort to make this site useful by posting the slide presentations I create for the class.

      Mrs. Dildy

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