Chemistry 11 Handouts

Course Outline
Getting to Know You

Unit 1 Workbook
Lab Checklist
LAB: The Thickness of a Thin Aluminium Sheet
LAB: The Density of 3 Liquids
LAB: The Volume of a Molecule of Oleic Acid

UNIT 1 Practice Test

Unit 2 Workbook pt 1     pt 2
(Key 2.1-2.10) Key 2.12-end
LAB: Making Observations
LAB: Investigating the Chemical Properties of 4 Liquids
LAB:The Formula of a Hydrate

UNIT 2 Practice Test

Unit 3 Workbook  KEY
LAB: Moles of Chalk
LAB: The Molar Volume of a GasLAB: The Synthesis of Silver

UNIT 3 Practice Test KEY

Unit 4 Workbook Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  KEY-1   KEY-2
LAB: Types of Chemical Reactions(1)LAB: The Synthesis of Table Salt

UNIT 4 Practice Test 

Unit 5 Workbook   KEY-1   KEY -2

UNIT 5 Practice Test    KEY

UNIT 6 Organic Chem Review

Final Exam Review:

Review booklet 1 Review booklet 1 Key  (Ewan)
Review booklet 2 Review booklet 2 Key  (Ewan)
Review booklet 3 Review booklet 3 Key (Ewan)
Total Review Total Review Key(Ewan)

Final Exam Review Chem 11     Final Exam Review Chem 11 KEY

Chemistry_11-Practice_Final_Exam_A    Chemistry_11-Practice_Final_Exam_A_-_KEY

Exam Review Package
Chem 11 Practice Final Exam KEY


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  3. Paula malvar says:

    hi Mrs. Dildy, do you have the answer key for the practice test number 4? thanks!

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