Math 10: May 6 ~ Vernier Calipers and Conversions

Fun class Today.

We have gone over the Ch. 8 & 9 test in class now but if you have any questions about how to do a question, come see me at lunch or in class.

Vernier Calipers demo in class hopefully gave you enough knowledge to answer any questions regarding vernier calipers. Make sure to finish that worksheet so that you have an idea of how to find measurement examples.

The conversion Worksheet that I handed out today will be collected as a homework mark so make sure to finish that. PLEASE CIRCLE OR DRAW A SQUARE AROUND YOUR ANSWERS!!

All for now

Mr. VT

Keeps a heads up as we are nearing the end of Chapter 1. Expect a Quiz soon to wrap up Chapter 1.

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I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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