Math 10 FPC: April 28 ~ Review day and Practice Test

Go time!

Gotta get into study mode (if you aren’t already). I am going to tell you exactly what is on the Chapter 8 and 9 test. There will be questions that test you on:

  • Graphing systems of equations and solving them by finding the intersection of the lines (The solution)
  • Solving systems of equations using a data table.
  • using the substitution method to solve a few problems.
  • Using the Elimination Method to solve a few problems.
  • a few word problems.

Thats everything that will be on the test.

I believe you guys are going to do awesome on this test.

No homework other than you own personal review.

Remember choices and consequences.

Mr. VT

About Mrs. Dildy

I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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