Math 10 FPC: April 14 ~ 8.3 # of Solutions to Systems.

Great work today!

Starting Chapter 9 tomorrow. Don’t forget about your graphing skills that you learned in Chapter 8, just keep them handy in your trusty math toolbox (brain) for when you will need them again. I hope to have something fun for you guys tomorrow.

Homework is on page 455 Q 1-7, 10, 13, 16

Text Section 8.3

Ample Sleep is required for Good sleep. Good sleep is required for good brain function. Good Brain function is required for more learning. Check out this app that might make your day easier to start and new things easier to learn.

Bye for Now

P.S If you are reading this at 11pm, Look outside at the moon. Should be blood red! Muwahahaha (Evil sinister laugh)… nah… its just a lunar eclipse! Still pretty neat though.

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