Math 10 AW: April 24 ~ 4.9 Area of Composite shapes. Ch 4 test on Apr 30

Things are getting more complex as the unit progresses so make sure you are keeping up with the homework.

As you can see from the past few sections, we need a process for tackling these more complex problems. We can’t solve these problems in one step any more!

Our goal should be to break down the area of the complex object into smaller easier areas to calculate.

Take the house problem on p 115 Q 4

  1. First find the area of the big objects that all the other objects are on top of. Add those together.
  2. Then calculate the areas of each smaller object. Subtract those areas from the larger areas.
  3. You are left with the area of the big shapes minus the small shapes.

Homework is on p 113 – 115 Q 1,4

Should be done Chapter 4 tomorrow. Review day on Monday, and Test on Wednesday.


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