Science 9 – Quiz Review

Topics for Electricity Quiz #1

  1.  Energy and Generating Electricity
    1. Uses of electrical energy
    2. Types of energy
      1. Mechanical (kinetic and potential)
      2. Solar
      3. Chemical
      4. Nuclear
      5. Thermal
    3. Generating electricity
      1. Kinetic to Electrical (Generator)
      2. Energy in Canada
      3. Alternate energy sources

        VOCAB: energy, kinetic, thermal, generator, hydroelectric, electricity

  2. Static Electricity
    1. Nature of electric charges
      1. Subatomic particles
    2. Charging by friction
    3. Law of electric charges
      1. Attraction/Repulsion
      2. Positive/Negative/Neutral

        VOCAB: positive, negative, neutral charge, friction, static, attraction, repulsion, static discharge,

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