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Welcome to Mrs Dildy’s s website for the 2015-2016 school year.

Here you will find all sorts of useful information like homework assignments, extra practice, copies of handouts from class, exam review and videos. Please let me know in the comments or by e-mail (jdildy@sd63.bc.ca) if there is anything else you would find helpful or ways I can improve this site.

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Biology 11 – Intro to Animals & Phylum Porifera

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Biology 11: Animal Like Protists

Paramecium Feeding!

Amoeba eats a paramecium

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Biology 11 – Protist Project

Protist Summary Project

Your task is to complete a creative work that covers the major phyla of protists covered in class.

You may choose any format to present your work in a creative and informative way. Possibilities include: Children’s story, board/card game, scrapbook, diary, letters/postcards, animation, comic strip, essay, song, website, blog, biography, social media posts, advertisement, etc.

Your project should include relevant visuals and diagrams and be presented in “good copy” format either online or a paper copy

Your project should include the following information:

General Information (4 marks)
What is a protist?
How are protists classified?
How are protists different from bacteria?

Main Characters: Paramecium, Amoeba, Euglena (4 marks each)
For each organism describe their habitat, locomotion, feeding, reproduction and identifying characteristics.
Include the classification and phylum each organism belongs to.
What makes these the good guys? (Beneficial ecological roles)
Do they have any bad habits? (Negative ecological roles)
Give your characters names and some personality.

Protagonist: Sporozoan (4 marks)
Parasitic protists are ruining the reputation of your heroes!
Choose a parasitic protist from the list below and describe their life cycle, disease/illness caused, and any accomplices (vectors & hosts)

Trypanosoma (Trypanosomiasis – Sleeping sickness, Chagas)
Giardia (Giardiasis – Beaver fever)
Toxoplasma (Toxoplasmosis – Crazy Cat Lady)
Entamoeba (Dysentery)
Plasmodium (Malaria)

Supporting Cast: (2 marks each)
Choose two other protists of note to include in your project.
These may play a role as food for your character, a tourist attraction to visit, scenery, extras, pests, etc.

Total marks /24


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Biology 11 – Ecological Roles of Protists & Video: Threshold of Life

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Science 9 – Resistors

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Science 10 – Work, Power and Energy

Lab: Power to Run Up Stairs

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Bio 11 – Protist Phyla: Plant Like Protists




Colonial Protists (Volvox & Spirogyra)

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