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Block C & D: Math 10 Workplace and Apprenticeship


Welcome to Mrs Dildy’s s website for the 2015-2016 school year.

Here you will find all sorts of useful information like homework assignments, extra practice, copies of handouts from class, exam review and videos. Please let me know in the comments or by e-mail (jdildy@sd63.bc.ca) if there is anything else you would find helpful or ways I can improve this site.

Check out the page links above for handouts, practice quizzes and marks.

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Science 9 & 10 – Field Trip Alternate Assignment

Not going on the field trip to IMAX today? Here’s an assignment for you to complete in the learning commons while we’re gone.

Field Trip Alternate Assignment

Please print, e-mail or share this document when you’ve finished.

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Science 10 – Inquiry Project Assessment

Inquiry Project Gallery Walk – Wednesday Dec 13

Assessment Instructions

Inquiry Project Rubric – PEER EVALUATION

Inquiry Project Rubric – SELF EVALUATION

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Science 9 – Phosphorus Cycle & Cycle Summary

Remember there is a test review guide here

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Math 10 AW – Ch 10 Transformations

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Science 10 – Tests and Projects and Field Trips OH MY!

Thanks for your understanding today as I needed to spend the block working on a number of pressing issues for all three of my classes. Hope you enjoyed the m&m’s today with Mr. Honer

Inquiry Projects – You have probably heard that Mr Lacy’s class had their presentation date moved back to January. Mr MacDonald and I are still expecting our classes to present this coming Wednesday Dec 13

Physics Unit Test – This is a busy season in and out of school. I am willing to move back the unit test to relieve some of the pressure you are facing in trying to complete both an inquiry project and prepare for a test. Please complete the form below regarding moving the test date…

Field Trip – This field trip covers a number of curricular areas. It is not mandatory, but I strongly encourage you to attend. Students who do not attend will have an assignment to complete in the library during block 3 on Friday. Please bring in your field trip forms ASAP

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Science 9 – Nitrogen Cycle


Carbon Cycle assignment due Wednesday

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Science 10 – Radioactive Decay

m&m decay lab

class data

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Science 9 – Earth Science Test Review

Earth Science Unit Outline

Test is Thursday Dec 14

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Science 9 – Carbon Cycle Game

After completing the carbon cycle game your assignment is to:

In your role as a carbon atom you will create a trip report detailing your movement through the carbon cycle.

  • Include six location changes (returning to a location later in the cycle is ok)
  • Tell your story from the perspective of a carbon atom
  • Include where you traveled (add specifics if you’d like)
  • Mention what form your carbon atom has taken (Are you alone? Paired with other elements?)
  • Describe the process that moved you from one location to another
  • Present your story in a creative way
    • Travel journal
    • Post cards
    • Storybook
    • Annotated map
    • Scrapbook

Carbon cycle dice here

Image result for carbon cycle cartoon

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Science 10 – Quiz and Electromagnetic Spectrum

Quiz today – Conservation of Energy

Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet – Read and complete

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