Math 9 Handouts

Course Outline

Ch 1 Booklet Ch 1 Answer Key

Ch 2 Homework Log
Exponent Laws
Operations with Exponents
Negative Exponents
Cryptic Cubes (make new cubes) 

Ch 3 Outline
Similar Triangle Word Problems
Ch Workbook 3 pt 1
Ch Workbook 3 pt 2
Ch Workbook 3 pt 3


Ch 4 Homework Log

Chapter 5 Homework Log

Ma9 Ch5 Student Notes

5.1-5.5 Formative Quiz KEY


Chapter 6 (Polynomials) Student Notes and Homework

Chapter 8 Homework Log

Chapter 8 (Symmetry) Student Notes(1)

Chapter 8 (Symmetry) Student Notes-KEY

Circle Geometry Student Homework

Circle Geometry Student Homework – KEY

Circle Geometry Student Notes

Circle Geometry Student Notes – KEY

Circle Geometry Review

Circle Geometry Review KEY

Math 9 Final Exam Review 1 with KEY

Math 9 Final Exam Review 2 with KEY

3 Responses to Math 9 Handouts

  1. Rajan Manak says:

    HI, for question # D on the Geometry project. Is it correct that it says to draw a shape in quadrant 1 and then to rotate 90 degrees CCW into Quadrant 1? Shouldn’t it be drawn in 1 and rotated to 4?

  2. Melody baker says:

    Hi. Miss dildy so for some reason I can’t open the homework. It says that it’s not able to open it on safari. So I was wondering if you could email it to me.
    Also the notes are not showing up, it’s only showing the workbook without notes.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much

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