Math 10 – Sept 19: Chapter 4 Test

Great work on the test today! Many of you scored over 100% Congratulations!

If you are not happy with your test score, please remember you have the chance to rewrite to improve your score.

Rewrite Policy: (from the course outline) Rewrites of tests may be available for each unit provided that adequate effort has been put into preparation for both the original test and the rewrite. This is evidenced through attentiveness in class, seeking help for questions and completion of all assignments.

Please see Mrs. Dildy outside of class time if you wish to rewrite a test.

  • Rewrites will be written in after school learning support
  • Homework assignments for the chapter must be completed prior to the rewrite
  • A review package must be completed prior to the rewrite
  • The rewrite mark will replace the original test mark

Marks will be posted tomorrow (Friday) by student number here

About Mrs. Dildy

I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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