Math 10 – Jan 15: Review CH 6

Chapter 6 Review – Linear Relations and Graphing

Can you:

  • Identify linear and non-linear relations from graphs, data tables and equations?
  • Identify the correct usage of discrete and continuous data?
  • Graph relations from an equation or data table?
  • State the domain and range of a relation in words, set notation, interval notation, number lines and lists?
  • Determine if a relation is a function using the vertical line test?
  • Express a relation using function notation?
  • Calculate the slope of a line from a graph or data table?

Study Tip: You should be well on your way to finishing the sample provincial handed out in class…Want more practice provincials to try out? Check out the provincial exam website to get more sample exams. The more sample questions you see before the exam the better prepared you will be for the real thing!

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