Chem 11 – Exam Prep

Final Exam is Thursday June 18 at 1PM in the Gym

DO NOT BE LATE! Students will not be permitted to enter the exam room after 30 minutes have passed.

The exam is 77 Multiple Choice Questions and accounts for 30% of your final grade.

The breakdown by topic is:

Section 1 (15 Questions): Matter, Measurement & Precision

-Significant Figures
-Classifying Matter

Section 2 (15 Questions): The Mole

-Mole Conversions (mass, particles, volume)
-Percent Composition
-Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Section 3: (15 Questions): Reactions and Stoichiometry
-Reaction Types
-Energy of Reactions
-Balancing Equations
-Percent Yield
-Stoichiometry (amount reactants – amount products)
-Limiting & Excess Reactants

Section 4 (17 Questions): Periodic Table & Solutions

-Subatomic Particles
-Properties of Families/Groups
-Bohr Models
-Lewis Diagrams
-Quantum Electron Configurations
-Trends in the Periodic Table (atomic radius, electronegativity, ionization energy, reactivity)
-Dissociation Equations
-Ion Concentration

Section 5 (15 Questions): Organic Chem

-Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes
-Geometric & Structural Isomers
-Functional Groups
-Organic Reactions (addition, substitution, condensation, polymerization)

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