Biology 11 – Theories of Evolution

Finish Egg Lab – Due Thursday

early theories of evolution (blank)

geological time scale

Questions: Geological Timescale Questions – Answer in full sentences on a separate page

1. What is the geological time scale?

2. How does the geological time scale further our understanding of life on our planet?

3. For how long has there been life on earth? What percentage of the age of our planet does this represent?

4. For how long have there been human living on earth? What percentage of geological time does this represent?

5. For how many years did dinosaurs exist? What percentage of geological time does this represent?

6. What is the oldest era? How long did it last? What happened during this era?

7. How did mass extinctions lead to new forms of life?

8. What is the difference between background and mass extinctions?

9. How do scientists determine when an era begins and ends?

10. What is the purpose of constructing a geological time line?

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