Biology 11 – Midterm Information

The midterm for term 1 is coming up this Friday October 28.

The topics that will be covered by this test are:
(Vocab lists and study questions here)

Introductory Concepts
-Osmosis & Diffusion

Evolution & Adaptations
-Evidence of evolution
-Natural Selection (Darwin’s 5 points & types of selection
-Factors that increase/decrease variation
-Convergent/Divergent evolution (Homologous/Analogous)
-Rates of evolutionary change

-Characteristics of living things vs. viruses
-Virus structure
-Viral reproduction (Lytic/Lysogenic)
-Immune system (Innate/Acquired/Non-Specific/Specific)
-Antibody-Antigen interaction

-Biological drawings
-Calculating actual size
-Calculating drawing magnification

-Taxonomic groupings (D.K.P.C.O.F.G.S)
-Binomial Nomenclature

-Eukaryote vs. Prokaryote
-Classified via: Shape, grouping, nutrient/energy consumption, cell walls
-Evolution (archaea versus eubacteria)
-Reproduction & exchange of genetic info (Conjugation, transformation, transduction)
-Ecological Roles of Bacteria
-Bacterial controls

-Common characteristics
-Key Phyla: Sarcodina, Ciliophora, Sporozoa, Euglenophyta, Pyrrophyta, Chrysophyta
-Key organisms: Amoeba, Paramecium, Euglena (draw and label)
-Ecological Roles (positive and negative)

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