Biology 11 – Arthropod Classification

Arthropod classification

Arthropod Cards

You will create a set of arthropod cards (like baseball cards) to help you organize the taxonomic groups

Front – Picture/Diagram (printed, drawn or traced) of a representative of the class
Back – Summary of the vital statistics for each class including

  • Taxonomic relationship
  • Body parts/segments
  • # Legs
  • Body features (eyes, wings, antennae, mouthparts etc.)
  • Habitat
  • Unique characteristics

6 Cards: Class Trilobita, Merostomata, Arachnida, Myriapoda (Chiliopoda, Diplopoda), Insecta, Crustacea

Each card is worth 5 marks   –  Total     /30

Due day of test – You may use these cards during the test!


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