New marks are posted online

There are several ways you can improve your mark and put yourself in the best position heading into the final exam:

Rewrites – Students are allowed to rewrite any two unit tests during the semester. These rewrite opportunities are offered after school on Wednesdays.
Quiz Corrections – Students can complete quiz corrections for half marks to improve quiz scores.

Moving forward:

Complete homework and seek help outside of class time for concepts that are not understood (My office is in room 208 and I am available most days before and after school, as well as at lunch)
Watch the video lessons posted online daily
Use time in class effectively – Take notes, ask questions, work on assignments, save the socializing for outside of class time, etc.

The math department policy is that students must score above 40% on the final (and above 50% overall) before moving on to math 10. With less than a month left of class before the end of the year make sure you are on top of your studies and are starting preparation for your upcoming exams.

About Mrs. Dildy

I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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