Science 10 – Tests and Projects and Field Trips OH MY!

Thanks for your understanding today as I needed to spend the block working on a number of pressing issues for all three of my classes. Hope you enjoyed the m&m’s today with Mr. Honer

Inquiry Projects – You have probably heard that Mr Lacy’s class had their presentation date moved back to January. Mr MacDonald and I are still expecting our classes to present this coming Wednesday Dec 13

Physics Unit Test – This is a busy season in and out of school. I am willing to move back the unit test to relieve some of the pressure you are facing in trying to complete both an inquiry project and prepare for a test. Please complete the form below regarding moving the test date…

Field Trip – This field trip covers a number of curricular areas. It is not mandatory, but I strongly encourage you to attend. Students who do not attend will have an assignment to complete in the library during block 3 on Friday. Please bring in your field trip forms ASAP

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I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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