Science 10 – Inquiry Project Day

Last learning commons work block for a while… you should be well through your research and starting to think about your finished project.

Remember you will be presenting in Gallery Walk format and your project should be visually engaging and draw an audience

Chemistry unit tests have been handed back – You may complete corrections on the short answer section for 1/2 marks

Correction Criteria:
-Separate page attached to test
-Clearly indicate question #
-Answer correctly
-Include 1 sentence explaining your original error or your corrected understanding of the topic.

ex. Magnesium (II) fluoride -> Magnesium fluoride

“I originally included roman numerals in the name. Magnesium is not a multivalent metal, therefore no roman numerals are needed in the name.”

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I am a math and science teacher in the Saanich school district.
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